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Product Details - Fusing Line
Argus PC4000 Series Fusers
The PC4700 and PC4800 Series fusing systems were designed to reflow double sided and low mass multilayer circuit boards. The system consists of one temperature-controlled long-wave IR emitting zone for a saturating preheat (this feature on PC4800 system only), and one short-wave IR emitting zone with independent upper/lower lamp control. This patented fusing technique provides a wider process window than all lamp systems. The preheat and reflow zone emitters are selected specifically for preheat and reflow purposes, respectively.
Key Benefits:
The control system provides highly accurate temperature and lamp power control. Temperature control is within 2 degrees Celsius. Lamp power control is within 1% of full power. Conveyor speed is controlled to within 1% of full speed.

Machine can be CE compliant upon customer's request.
The PC5500 Series precleaning systems were designed to precede Argus PC4800 and PC4700 fusing systems. The machine is designed to provide a vigorous spray cleaning, fresh water rinse and turbo air dry.
Key Benefits:
The importance of starting a process with a clean surface cannot be stressed enough. This system provides excellent board cleanliness prior to fusing and/or HASL processes. To maintain machine cleanliness all controls are mounted on a NEMA-rated control console that may be placed up to 10 feet [1 meter] from the machine.
Argus PC5500 Series Precleaners
Argus PC3000 Series Postcleaners
The PC3000 series post cleaning systems were designed to follow the Argus PC4700 and PC4800 series infrared fusing systems. The machine is designed to provide a flux removal with two stages of vigorous spray cleaning, mild brushing action followed by a fresh water rinse and turbo air drying. Board cleanliness is critical to quality PCB fabrication and the PC3000 series equipment is designed to deliver.

The first stage of the PC3000 post clean system provides a recirculated spray cleaning and a mild brushing action that removes the most of the surface flux residue left over from the fusing process. The second recirculation chamber provides a recirculation of cleaner spray and mild brushing action and a final clean water rinse. The drain off of the second chamber feed and bleeds into the first chamber to minimize water usage. The drying system may have a turbo air knife to remove any puddle water and an infrared drying section to complete the drying process. A variety of brushing and drying options are available to maximize the effectiveness of the post cleaning system.
Key Benefits:
POSTCLEANER INJECTION SYSTEM: Provides the ability to inject post cleaning chemistry directly into the recirculating spray manifold. Post cleaning solutions can significantly improve the effectiveness of the PC3000.

ANTIFOAM INJECTION SYSTEM: Provides the ability to inject antifoam solution into the PC3000 drain. The antifoam solution normally is used when either the flux or the post cleaning solution generates large amounts of foam.

TURBO AIR KNIFE DRYING: Adds increased drying capability by employing high velocity air to remove puddle water on exit from the PC3000. This option makes the IR drying more effective by reducing drying requirements.

RECIRCULATING SUMP PUMP: Provides a sump heating system. Flux residues are more easily removed with modest increases in spray temperature.
Argus PC6600 Series Solder Strippers
The PC6600 Series solder stripping systems were designed to precede Argus HAL5224 Hot Air Leveler systems. The machine is designed to strip plated tin or tin lead printed circuit boards, then passivate the surface for future processing.
Key Benefits:
This system can also be used as a solder strip system only if an exothermic chemistry is used, sump cooling may be a necessary option.
Argus PC3100 Series Heater/Dryer
The PC3100 Series dryer systems are designed to support the Argus PC4000 Fusing systems by heating preparation of boards or drying wet circuit boards before or after the fusing process.
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