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Figure: HAL5224 Hot Air Leveling System Machine Dimensions
Model Air Volume Tank Size Power Pressure
300 gal.
[1135.5 liters]
HAL5000 Series Hot Air Leveling Systems
The HAL5224 Hot Air Solder Leveling System is designed to provide the highest quality solder leveling at high throughput rates while preserving the highest reliability and serviceability standards available. Argus International has been designing, building and operating HASL systems for over a decade. The experience earned in a decade of dedication to engineering the HASL process is evident by the high quality work produced.

Stainless steel construction, integrated exhaust hood ducting, complete solder pot accessibility, high speed DC motor driven vertical arm, and fixed angle air knives are just a few of the features that are standard on the HAL5224. Also available are a variety of 'quick-change' clamping mechanisms, remote control console and solder refinement systems. These features combine to produce 200 panels an hour average, 350 panels an hour maximum.

The clamp/knife arrangements most commonly used are the 'Pressure' and 'Pin' type clamp/knife arrangements. The 'Pressure' type clamp utilizes air pressure to apply a finger type force to the panel. The 'Pin' type clamp uses two tooling pins to 'hang' the board and air pressure force pulling the board upward and locking it into place. The 'Pin' type clamp requires that the board have two strategically placed holes for proper operation. The Standard clamp/knife arrangement is named such because it is designed to provide the user with the uniform coatings over the largest range of thickness’ available. The 'Pin' type clamp/knife arrangement is intended for use with applications that require very thin (.1 mil and less), highly uniform solder coatings. This is accomplished by bringing the air knife blast in very close proximity to the board surface. Flexible Circuit clamping mechanisms are also available.
CONTROL CONSOLE: NEMA rated console placing the system controls on the machine (swivel) or remote at distance between 0 to 10 feet [3 meters] from the machine.
INCREASED HEATING CAPIBILITY: This greatly reduces heat sinking of solder temperatures during heavy work load demand.
CLAMP/KNIFE ARRANGEMENT: Standard, Thin Coat and Flex Circuit clamping mechanisms may be selected as options with the machine.
These options provide the user with three of the most common board clamp/air knife arrangements. 
Circuit Breaker service is 3-phase configuration with a good Ground.
Air Freight
2300 lbs.
2500 lbs.
Crate Size
Common Carrier
Crated Weight
102" x 63" x 72"
[2.6m x 1.6m x 1.8m]
Crating dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary within 10%.
Model 200-240V 50/60Hz 380-415V 50Hz  440-480V 50/60Hz Power
HAL5224 150A 100A 70A 45kVA
Model Exhaust Volume Port Size Blower Power Ducting Diameter
10" [254mm] Diameter
on top of exhaust hood
10" [254mm]
Exhaust blower and ducting to be supplied by user and capable of handling corrosive fumes at 160° F [71° C].
Most facilities utilize fume scrubbing equipment that has the capacity to provide exhaust draw.

  • Production Capacity - Up to 150 18" x 24" [158mm x 610mm] panels per hour
  • Maximum Panel Dimension - 24" x 30" [610mm x 762mm]
  • Minimum Panel Dimension - Need minimum of a 1/4" (6mm) edge only
  • Tin Lead Thickness - >0.1 to <1.5 mil topography dependent
  • Panel Clamp Mechanism - Pneumatic pressure-type clamping device - Options: Standard, Thin Coating and Flex Circuit clamps
  • Machine Cover - Stainless steel
  • Exhaust Hood - Stainless steel 10“ [254mm] diameter exhaust port
  • Exhaust System - Designed provides a internal ducting double wall structure
  • Electrical Power - Required 45kVA, 3phase, 60/50Hz
  • Air Knife - Removable, factory preset
  • Air Knife Heating - Air heated before reaching the knives
  • Board Guides - Adjustable, removable, Tin Lead Free
  • Up Speed Control - Regulated DC drive, Touch screen control
  • Yield First Pass - Excellent
  • Mean Time Between Failure - Over 5,000 hours on air and solder tank heaters
  • Noise Level - < 85 dB
  • Between Shift Maintenance - 30 minutes per shift total time for cleaning the solder tank surface and maintenance for the air knives
  • Equipped Solder Refinement System - To work efficiently, 6-8 hours stand-by time every 24 hours to keep the copper concentration level below 0.3%
  • Setup Time For Different Panels Sizes - Less then 2 minutes
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