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PC3800 Series Triple Roller Stage Coater Systems
The PC3800 series flux application systems are designed to support the HAL5000 Hot Air Solder Leveling system by applying flux to circuit boards prior to the HASL process. The PC3800 employs three sets of nappy type rollers to provide complete flux coverage while minimizing flux usage. The first roller applies flux to the entire board surface. The second roller forces flux into the barrels and removes excess flux from the board surface. The third roller serves as a squeegee to remove all excess flux coverage. Excess flux is filtered and recycled providing a significant cost savings.

The PC3800 has an optional mini-accumulator that enables the operator to make minor system adjustments without stopping production. The PC3800 also has an optional 24" [610mm] inch entrance extension to ease board loading when precleaning is not in-line. Similar Argus products include PC3400 and PC3600 coating application systems.
BOARD MINI-ACCUMULATOR: Holds up to three boards while making it easier to handle the board from the machine by the outside edges of the board.
ENTRANCE EXTENSION: A 24" [610mm] long conveyor on the entrance. This is particularly useful for manual loading, removing or visually inspecting parts prior to coating.
Circuit Breaker service is 1-phase or 2-phase configuration with a good Ground.
Air Freight
450 lbs.
850 lbs.
Crate Size
Common Carrier
Crated Weight
102" x 49" x 65"
[2.6m x 1.3m x 1.7m]
Crating dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary within 10%.
Model 120V 50/60Hz 1Ph 240V 50/60Hz 2Ph Power
PC3820SD 10A 5A 1.2kVA
PC3830SD 10A 5A 1.2kVA
Figure: PC3830SD Triple Roller Coating System Machine Dimensions
Figure: PC3820SD Triple Roller Coating System Machine Dimensions
500 lbs.
900 lbs.
102" x 63" x 65"
[2.6m x 1.6m x 1.7m]
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