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PC7700 Series Double Side UV Curing Systems
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The PC7700 double sided UV curing system is designed to expose photoimageable materials to intense UV energy. By producing exactly matched energy above and below the conveyor belt, the machine increases productivity by requiring only one pass through the system relative to single sided UV curing systems. An extra degree of freedom is added to the UV curing process by the Argus patented 'Variwatt' UV control system. This system allows complete adjustment of UV intensity from 50% to 100% power in approximately 1% increments.

An optional water cooling system is available for exposing products that require a low surface temperature be maintained. The water cooling system supplies an IR filter which consumes IR emissions at the source, thereby reducing effective surface temperatures. The filtration system includes a water jacket type arrangement that provides a wall of water surrounded by two walls of quartz glass. The water is cooled in a self contained cooling system and recirculated in a closed loop fashion.
WATER COOLING SYSTEM: Provides a means to maintain low surface temperatures during ultraviolet exposure.
Circuit Breaker service is 3-phase configuration with a good Ground.
* Transition and ducting to be supplied by user.
Air Freight
1300 lbs.
1700 lbs.
Crate Size
Common Carrier
Crated Weight
102" x 63" x 65"
[2.6m x 1.6m x 1.7m]
Crating dimensions and weights are approximate and may vary within 10%.
Model 200-240V 50/60Hz 380-415V 50Hz  440-480V 50/60Hz Power
PC7725 200WPI Lamps 150A 100A 70A 28kVA
Model Exhaust Volume * Transition Adaptor Blower Power Ducting Diameter
11-7/8" x 8-1/16" [302mm x 205mm]
Rectangular to 10" [254mm] Diameter
10" [254mm]
Figure: PC7725 Double Sided UV Curing System Machine Dimensions
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