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New Jersey Company Has Made Impact On PCB History
West central New Jersey is a locale of historic significance. There, Washington crossed the Delaware, the Lindbergh trial took place, and Argus International was formed. The last event hopefully has had the most impact on the printed circuit board industry.

Argus began when someone took the idea of IR radiation out of the laboratory and into electronic assembly. The first application of the technology, back in 1964, was to use infrared energy for soldering. It was common to solder with irons, or with a wave solder system but the idea of using focused energy was new. The precision, focused infrared soldering caused no thermal damage to the rest of the work piece.

It was seven years later when Argus obtained their patent on using infrared to fuse tin and lead on bare boards. This commercial fusing process did away with the hot oil method as the primary fusing method and is still an integral part of their IR soldering, IR fusing, UV curing and hot air leveling equipment line. Argus equipment is used in the most modern, sophisticated PCB facilities and in those shops which, once beyond the facade, are no more than a few tanks and buckets.

From the very beginning, Argus's history of technical innovation led to the development and/or improvement of a number of manufacturing
processes, including fusing, hot air leveling and, today, state-of-the-art spray application systems with rapid tack dry ovens.

Argus's facility is nestled in the lovely rolling countryside of Ringoes, New Jersey. Administration, sales, engineering, all assembly, new product development and customer service are all maintained here. As a good corporate citizen, Argus has, supplied equipment to local schools, and of course, provides employment to the local community.

Due to the nature of Argus's business, personnel have traveled to every inhabited continent. The equipment has shipped with control panel language in English, Russian, French, German, and Italian. Our instruction manuals have been printed in several languages. On a daily basis, communications are made around the world. Personnel are fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages. As the economy emerges from its current uncertainty, Argus will be in the forefront of the new and novel in industry.

Experience… Innovation… Quality… Service… At Argus, the focus is on designing and manufacturing equipment that will lower your cost, improve your manufacturing efficiency, and increase your profits.
Some material adapted from an article that originally appeared in "Printed Circuit Fabrication"
A view of the Argus International Building in Ringoes, New Jersey
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